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by on March 19, 2008

I was talking with my colleague about Ipods and he was thinking to buy the Nano so he could watch movies on it commuting. As the conversation developed I said that maybe the next Nano will have a larger screen just like the Touch. He was so happy because he felt that the this Ipod will meet his expectations and I ruined it for him. Now he said he’s going to wait after we talked. Sorry dude!

So while we are talking about it, we went to the website to check the Ipods out. While there I noticed that The touch has the similar shape as the the Iphone. Therefore it looks almost the same and it has the large edges at the top and bottom. Then I called my other colleague who owns the Ipod Touch and asked him if he is satisfied with it. He replied that he is. I told him what problems I see in the Ipod Touch.

First the tall edges at the top or bottom make no sense (this goes also for laptops that have large edges around the screen) Now why would I build an Ipod that has those two edges on the sides? Most say it is because the technology is not yet small enough. Well they have to make it small enough or give it less space in GB. I would trade that for a smaller Ipod or a larger screen. Others would say that this is for comfort, the larger sides would serve as area for holding. I disagree with that because one could rest it o his palm from the back.

Secondly that silly button, what’s up with that? With all the niceties from Apple I would expect that Ipod to have a better starting option, like a quick shake or something more innovative. Hmm a button… Or maybe a button in the back thus keeping the Ipod smaller or enlarging the screen. Users are used with the actual size of the Ipod and therefore will gladly accept a larger screen. The vice versa will work too because the screen keeps its size and the Ipod becomes smaller, perfect blend…

Thirdly the smaller edges are too wide also, I want the screen to be almost the entire surface of the device if the the entire, probably the entire surface would not work because there is no defining uniform edge that will delimit the moving picture from the rest of the environment.

To conclude this I have to say that My Ipod is not born yet. By the way I did purchase the Old mini. I knew they will always come with something better that is why I only got the mini. My schedule right now does not permit me to watch movies on the Ipod. Instead of doing that I feel I would gain more if I would read the material for my homeworks. There is one thing that would be useful and that is to watch training videos or tutorials on the Ipod while commuting. Moreover even the Nano can be fitted with a full size touch screen.

I think I will wait until the Ipod goes OLED.

Happy Ipoding girls and guys…

PS here is my pod…


What about this one?


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