Backtrack 4 – The Intelligent BadAss Linux

by on July 29, 2009

I have been playing around with Linux for years now. And I am serious when I am saying that I have just been playing around, because I never got to really master it or work in a Linux environment. Back in 99 when Matrix just came out, there were some features that Linux was interesting for. The startup screen at the time could be interchanged with any picture someone desired. And of course one of the pictures was with Trinity pulling the gun on one of the agents. The screen capture was carrying the inscription “Dodge this, Windows”.


Well I was excited by that feature but I never got to actually implement it, because Linux was just too much work to implement any single feature. Anyway, all the versions of Linux that I have seen look ugly. I mean the icons on most Linux distributions look childish and put together in a hurry. Even Ubuntu, which I have been using for 2 years now looks bad out of the box. I understand the wobble is a nice feature but that is not enough. I guess that all these programmers have forgotten to ask some artists to design some kick ass icons for Linux.

I have seen some screen shots of Linux desktops that looked good but none of them actually comes out of the box with some bad-ass theme that looks cool. I mean no one out there can actually pick a better theme out of the box for users like me that don’t have the energy to do it ourselves?
So far Ubuntu was the new hype in Linux, but I think if these guys from Back Track keep making their OS better, it has to establish itself like the new de facto Linux OS. I mean this is the only Linux distribution that I was satisfied with esthetically, out of the box.

In Back track the loading screen looks awesome, in addition to that nice motto “The quieter you become the better you are able to hear” or something like that. The text is good too is not like that Ubuntu text that looks fat and too roundish. And that dragon has also flames in the 4th version. This thing looks so good. Even the text in the terminal is nice and neat. Aaa I just realized it. I have a horrible hand writing and very disorganized, and the Ubuntu text it seems to me just as my hand writing text.

Another thing that I like about Backtrack is that it looks good and it is dangerous too. It is the new Linux Bad Ass, in the block. Everyone watch out!!!  The good looking, intelligent and dangerous OS, it is the American Psycho of Linux.


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