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by on December 15, 2009

It was a long time ago when I had my first carry on music device. At first I was very excited about it, and 3 days later I forgot of its existence and its use. It became a chore to remember to take it with me and carry it around.

Nowadays we have all kinds of digital music players and they can hold thousands of songs. I did the IPod thing with one of those mini ones with a B/W screen. It lasted for a little time and then I got bored with it, it became a hassle too.

I had to remember to carry it and recharge it, and renew the music in there because I did not want to have all the crap in there. By the way, how do all of you manage 15 thousand songs in there? In addition when do you have time to listen to all the music? And if you’re telling me that you listen to music while you’re studying, no wonder your GPA sucks. I’ve seen the movie myth where they show the main character doing some homework while listening to music. That never works not on math, and not when memorization is required.

Anyway I can’t just get used to the carry on music device. Just today I saw someone in the train with three bags and the eternal Ipod. And it wasn’t enough that she could barely manage the 3 bags, but the moment she sat down she took out her Ipod and started untangling the ear buds to listen to some music. Kudos to her because she could manage all these at once. But given today’s age we already are carrying at least two devices with us. One cell phone and one music device. That is only in happy cases. But there are people out here that carry more. Well done to all of them for being the perfect consumers. So how many gadgets can one person carry at once? I would say a portable gaming device, a phone, at one time there even were portable DVD players and some people actually were sitting in the train using those things.  But the DVD player conflicts with the gaming device so it would be one or the either. So we have a Cell phone, a gaming device/ DVD viewer, music device, reading device -the Amazon kindle, and who knows what else people are carrying these days. But I can guarantee that soon enough we all will be carrying Batman belts for all the junk we carry with us every day. I wouldn’t be surprising if we’ll see belts already that have all these features. Maybe I should sell my own. Regardless of that, the people at Apple had a great idea unifying all those gadgets into one. Because these iphones can do almost all the other individual gadgets can.

One thing is really, really expected, and that is an iphone that can easily be unified with an exchange server without lots of hassles and then no one would be able to take Apple for cell phone domination, business, and consumer. The main problem that they have to face right now is the reliability of the technologies that would make the iphone compatible with Exchange (the e-mail server).

Good luck to all of you gadgeteers outhere, but remember that sometime you just need to have your mind empty, completely if possible, and there is a very rewarding experience.

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