COD4 Variety Map Pack

by on April 7, 2008

Hello boys and girls, good news, the variety pack has been released and it is being played as we speak. I had to have the variety pack, so I did spend the 800 MS points on it. The download was around 440 MB and it was done in like 10-15 minutes. Now it depends on everyone’s connection type how long the download will take.

What I liked

My favorite map of all is Creek. I played Chinatown couple of times and Broadcast but the best map to my taste remains Creek. All three maps are very large and make it very difficult to fight against a well organized team. I liked creek because it has some barns and rubbled houses but also has the river valley that enables the snipers and players to kill each other. There is a lot of nature that allows people to blend in with it so the game play is more fun for all players. This is especially when you are on the winning team :).

What I disliked

As I was playing I realized that I spent around $10 and I only got three maps or four. One of which I know for sure it was already in the game so it did not had to be designed from scratch. I am not sure about Creek or Chinatown because I never got that far in the game, but for $10 we could’ve got more maps.

I went on their web site and there is no information about the results of the map contest. Therefore I do not know if any of the maps are made by the community or not. So, I guess that we will have to continue waiting to see if the contest is finished or not. Normally those maps should be free.


All the maps in the pack are large and it is very easy to get killed because there are too many angles from where you can get shot. Both maps Broadcast and Chinatown have a lot of corners from where one can get killed easily. I played against an organized team and they pinned us down in a grass area in Chinatown and would not let us move. We suffered major ownage. They were smart about it because after they pinned us down they did not come in, they kept their distance and we kept re-spawning in the same area so they could pick us up from a distance.

In Creek happened too, because they were organized and well balanced and no one left on their own to get more kills. After they would die they would come back and reclaim the same position. This is how one team can win easily, but they need patience and discipline to be able to resist the temptation to rush in. That is why some times half way trough the death match game, after killing a lot of opponents I found my self loosing by 10-20 kills because of inexperienced players that want to get that frag badly, and rush in.

In the end after getting pissed that I kept ending up in the loosing team I went back to the regular maps that I knew better and gained my pride back by going on couple of killing sprees. Next, I was thinking to start designing some maps maybe I will get a better job, designing games, that is probably only if I could stop playing them so intently.

All right people have a good week and don’t quit your daily jobs because of games.

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M@NNY April 24, 2008 at 9:49 am

Ha if you get a PS3 we can become an “organized” team. Until you pull one of you Leroy Jenkins moments and go on a rampage. i have not played the Maps but i do here that the Creek one is the best of the new maps and that in broadcast there are alot of ways that you can get killed. i think these maps make it more interesting. You have to watch your back more.

PS this post is 2 weeks old. come on. keep this up and you will lose your ONE loyal vistor.

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