Could stem cells replace steroids?

by on August 19, 2009

I have to start first by saying that I haven’t done any research on this issue. What I know about stem cells is that they can become any cells also muscle cells, ergo the title comparison. About steroids I know that they generally help to repair tissue faster and a lot of athletes use them for body enhancement. I also read that they have side effects. But stem cells don’t.

Based on the two attributes I am inclined to believe that stem cells could be used to replace steroids, or if not, it will work in conjunction with steroids. Therefore in a few years we will be taking one a day stem cell pill along with other vitamins, minerals, fibers, anti cholesterol, and so on . But rest assured, if it will be that miraculous of a pill, it will be purposefully watered down or outlawed by the pharmaceuticals because no drug company likes a healthy population, it looses them MONEY. Imagine if everybody would be thin and diabetes free, Pfizer and the others will go out of business. Or imagine if all the food in US will be produced naturally without all the shit that they add to it. There will be no need for as many pills or doctors. That would result in cataclysmic  collapse of the health system (mainly health insurance companies), and all from natural food and stem cells. Perhaps that is why everyday less and less food is naturally produced. It is cheaper, and more profitable for food industry, and it feeds the tumor of the medical system we have, providing sickness on a conveyor belt. Now the whole thing is like an organ that is part of the body, and if you remove the organ you end up killing the body, or bringing it down to an almost death.

Returning to the stem cells for steroid replacement. I think it will be a great idea, off the top of my head there are no side effects to it. I am also curious if they will put athletes in jail for that too. I guess they would, because it is very simple to just pass a bill that makes a substance banned, and also the level of hypocrisy is unlimited. I even wonder why they even try to teach in college business ethics.

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Stem Cells August 26, 2011 at 3:42 am

I know about stem cells is that they can become any cells also muscle cells.

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