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by on April 26, 2008

In January of this year, 2008 I was pulled over and I failed to produce the insurance card. I did have insurance but I just could not find it. After I was issued a ticket I looked and found the insurance card. I filled the paperwork and I received a court date. So this Thursday I went to court (my first time) and observed the action there. Pretty interesting activity.

There the police officers and their clientèle dispute the summons. Every citizen was trying diverse methods to get away with their misdemeanors. For few of them it worked but for mostly it didn’t. It didn’t because this officer, such a miserable person was he, that even his colleagues were amused of his overzealous diligence to ruin people’s day or year, depending on the case. While the officer was describing his evidence, I was looking around to scope the other officers. Among them there was a detective. I was thinking to myself that this guy has an education and I wasn’t expecting to see him issuing a ticket in traffic. I immediately categorized him as the other miserable one. I even went further and made him into the type of of person that became a detective because he was over bullied and in his frustration he went that far and he became a detective not just a regular cop.

Boy was I wrong because this man was did exactly what was necessary. I would’ve done the same thing in the situation that he described. The detective issued a ticked to this guy that basically tried to use a Merge as an exit. So the defendant made like a U turn into upcoming traffic. And of course he got a ticket. For the second case that the detective had he “forgot his notes”. Those two instances proved me wrong on my hasty opinion.

My officer also was an upstanding man because he wasn’t trying to make my day miserable or anyone else’s. He also did not have his notes for some cases.

Now returning to that miserable officer that after couple of tickets I even memorized his favorite location where he gives tickets, mostly for speeding. Probably he is so dissatisfied with his life’s achievements, that now he is trying to overexert his misery on anyone he can. His favorite location is somewhere on Bruckner boulevard in the Bronx NY where he gives mostly speeding tickets on a 35 mile zone where perhaps is very easy for a driver to go to fifty without endangering anyone. But the law states 35 and this miserable man really wants to share his misery with anyone he can. This officer came there upholding the law so diligently that it sickened everyone. But he was flood, in his overachieving stance that he was trying to portray, came with a huge hole in his left sock above the heal. If you respect yourself, your job, and want respect back, you should care about your appearance in every aspect not only job wise.

My advice is that if you meet this officer somewhere in the Bronx issuing you a ticket and he wears a mustache, it might be the same miserable man I’ve seen in court. There are very slim ads that you can win in court against this guy, because he hates his life so much that he makes up for it in giving people tickets. I have heard him describing his actions to the judge. He is very observing and he doesn’t leave anything out. He calculates and take notes on everything. There is another issue that I am not sure if would be true or not but this miserable man was of “white” descent and every client of his was one minority or another. Perhaps the worst day of his life is when someone defeats him in court.

I guess the sole purpose of some people’s existence is JUST to make the rest of us miserable.

PS: Drive Safely.

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M@NNY April 28, 2008 at 8:06 am

LOL. Finally something new.

I have been to traffic court MANY times. I find that most of the cops there are Miserable.

On the note the he is white and most of his “clientele” is of minority dissent. Look at the area where he works, mostly minorities live around there. I once went to traffic court in some small NJ town and my friends and I were the only minorities there, I bet we were messing up their towns’ 98 % Caucasian demographic LOL. I have also been to traffic court in a Newark and Patterson and most of the people there were minorities. But these cities are populated mostly by minorities.

alin's friend May 7, 2008 at 10:53 pm

i’m guessing you went to the dmv at fordham?
i had the same problem as well, except i gave an older insurance card, and the officer figured it was expired. but i didn’t need to appear in court for that, i just mailed in a copy of my recent insurance card.

admin May 8, 2008 at 8:09 am

Yes I was on Fordham, and I did mail in a copy but for some reason they wanted me in court. There I did not bring the registration and I had to go back and get it. A waste of my time…

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