Devil May Cry 4 Update

by on March 24, 2008

I have finished the game on easy. I found out only after I finished it what is the automatic function for. The AI lets the character choose the fighting combos depending on the position of the monsters. For example if you attack with the sword from down up, and you lift the monster in the air, at the next attack the character will jump in the air and do the same motion. At the same time it charges the sword and the right hand with magic powers as it he battles. This makes the fighting much more spectacular and easy on the fingers.

Sometimes the character might do other fighting moves than you want or anticipate. To make sure that it does the ones you desire just do the combination key for the desired move. Only after I used the Automatic function the game became much more appealing to me. Now I don’t find the game that frustrating as I did in my previous review. That doesn’t mean that other features like the camera angles are not annoying. Since I finished the game obviously I know more about it and of course I will not be so frustrated because I know that certain blue orb parts can be obtained only with Dante.

Now I am just redoing missions to get better experience so I can buy all the upgrades.

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M@NNY March 24, 2008 at 10:33 am

This is an interesting feature that I have never seen, hence never used. I have been playing the Devil May Cry series back from DMC and DMC2 (which I think is the best DMC from the series), seems to me that this feature took all the fun out of the game. This makes the game much easier. There is no strategy involved. This is simply press one button and let the AI do its thing. Hey I’m all for the one button mashing fighting games (Dynasty Warriors 6) but that is in a one versus a WHOLE LOT of people scenario, and even in Dynasty Warriors there are combos.

In DMC there are enemies that are easier to kill with a certain type of attack, and you have to figure out how. For instance those “knights” with the Lance, it the best way to kill them is to hit them once and tale their weapon from them and then stab them repeatedly (I personally like this move). If the auto feature was enabled it goes ahead and performs this move for you. Not cool.

Personally I enjoy all the good that DMC4 has to offer. To respond to your pervious post; All games have good and bad qualities, the camera angels common man??? Really they bug you that much?? I will admit that the seasoned fighter might get bored with this game; it does not have that many fight sequences within the story line like other games that you might have played. This game is more about clues and puzzles and I must admit this and God Of War 2 have been the only games that I have used the call a friend lifeline for help on passing a stage or solving a puzzle.

I suggest that you play it in on the Dante Must Die difficultly level, now that you have discovered this killer one button combo and let me know how it goes. I have played it on this difficultly and it was challenging.

John April 9, 2008 at 10:03 am

wow that is a long comment. Hi Alin.

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