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by on March 18, 2008

On Friday the 14th I have bought Devil May Cry 4 as my friend recommended. Immediately after starting the game it reminded me of Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 and Devil may Cry 4 are the only games I have attempted from each series. I did like RE4 but so far I found that Devil May Cry frustrates me. All the bosses are too tough to defeat.

Researching further I did see that both games are made by the same Entertainment House Capcom. No wonder they looked the same.

What I like.

I like the sword usage and the devil grabber / smasher ability in the right hand. I found cool all the combinations of the sword but some of them are somewhat difficult to realize in combat especially when you are under attack. It is too difficult to reach the Smokin’ state in battle. I only got it twice, once when I returned a power ball to three angels and I also got an achievement for it, and the second one is for beating one of those Locket serpents things until I got a blue crystal out of it. I do like the idea of it but is hard to get it. Perhaps I should restart the game on Human so it will be easier overall.

The graphics are good, and I mean it from the scenery point of view, but like RE4 both look like a medieval times with high technology, why use mostly a sword then? I guess this is CapCom’s style for action games.

Overall the fighting is spectacular with all the moves and the demonic hand usage. This is with only a few abilities unlocked.

I like the fact that after you upgrade to some ability you are able to get a full refund to return that ability to try a different one. This is especially useful when fighting the bosses.

I think that the secret missions are very useful because they teach you how to fight, and about techniques.

The one thing that is really good about the game play is that you only have to use a key and depending on the way you tapp it, you perform sword combos.

What I don’t like.

I don’t like the camera angles, I want to be able to see and look 360 by 360, but is not possible. For example I was trying to position my self in way that I could see certain areas and it was impossible. I have found the camera angels very annoying and restrictive.
Moreover the battles are too split apart from one another. So basically you spend too much time looking for stuff than fighting. I understand that is interesting finding all the secrets but I need those secrets and abilities used, more often than few random battles. I have played Lord of the Rings ROTK for GameCube which also was a sword fighting game but I was able to get to the Perfect (Smoking) state faster and there was a booster that one could use to get better points for each blow to get to the smokin stage easier. In this one is far more tougher actually I never got it in a fight with monsters. (Perhaps some training will improve on it)

There was a stage in ROTK where you would fight massive amounts of warlocks. I always played that stage it was great even after I finished the game I used to go back just to get another taste of that fight and boost my characters.

This game has very little monsters and on easy it gives you less to fight instead of just making them easier to kill.

I saw the business district passing by, there were plenty of monsters, that is what I would want to fight not just two or three every now and then. The problem is you cannot get to fight those. Perhaps not yet.

Another thing that defeats my logic is the extra speed that you buy but it only kicks in after an abnormal amount of steps. Now my question to the game designer would be, why would I want to buy it if I don’t know the map of the game and it only kicks in after walking continuously for some time. You would think that this is not important but every time you break the continuity you have to start all over again. Moreover combining this late running feature with poor camera angles and you just spent energy on something meaningless or off any kind of use. There might be a use but I am not sure off it because it did not work for me. When you are at an edge with and the speed had already kicked in the character will jump and it will cover a distance greater than the snatching hand. But of course there is a problem with that too. Well the camera angles again. You have to perfect jump and you would need a straight line to the edge to get the speed and be positioned to get the desired suspended object. That is a use that I was thinking of, moreover don’t think that the character would actually jump, it is more like it will perform and extended fall.

The Game on easy mode.

I have played somewhat on easy and it is easier to get from one level to another. The disadvantage is that you gain less experience because you do not die as much fighting the bosses.


Overall the game managed to frustrate me over camera angels and the idiosyncrasies that they produced trough the area I played. I did not finish the game so it might get better, or perhaps not. Looking back on other Second person games like RE4 I found that issue too but the monster management overcome those problems. By monster management I am referring to the way the monsters were deployed on the map. In RE4 you were supposed to fight your way from A to B but in Devil may cry 4 you have to kinda find your way there, using your wits. Moreover you have to synchronize your jumping and the grabbing ability of your demonic hand in order to climb. Sometimes it took me like fifteen minutes because I could not see completely what was above me. So I kept on falling down and restarting. I would rather preferred to fight my way to get the secret crystal and get experience for it too.

By the way if I wanted to go site seeing I would’ve went to Ireland for example, I wanted to go on a killing spree but apparently this game did not satisfy my thirst for that.

There might be an influence of other games that might cloud my judgment. I am not sure if anyone noticed when switching between different types of games that the pace changes and being used to a certain pace anything less than that would not suffice. Perhaps I have to put my COD4 on hold for a month and then play Devil may cry. This doesn’t mean that the camera angles are not annoying, but it means that the pace that the Team Deathmatch works at in COD4, is too high and now it is hard for me to wait or travel for 15 minutes or more to find some action.

Tell me what you think…

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