Diablo 3, pretty awesome looking…

by on April 17, 2009

I only played Diablo 2 and I loved it. After I finished it, I went back and started a few different characters. I was so hooked on it, that I even started looking for cheats and I found some good ones out there. With these cheats I could edit the hero’s profile and jack it up. I made one of my characters so powerful, that the game started crashing. The weapons and armors had dozens of sockets filled with  amulets that had all possible attributes, that’s how much I played that game.

One of my friends mentioned it, and I started thinking about the third version. I found plenty of material on YouTube and it just looks awesome. I just can’t wait for it to come out. Maybe I’ll pull a “Cartman” one. Get frozen until the game release, the bad part is that there is no release date and my cryogenic experience would be indefinite. This game was so good that even my girlfriend that hated all games, period, got so hooked to it that she was losing nights over it to finish it. This was the only game she ever played. So it is that good.
Here is a game play preview, and of course there are plenty online.

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