Drilling Hard Drives for data destruction

by on July 1, 2008

Yesterday we at work we had to get rid of old stuff that was nonfunctional. Among the old equipment were some dead hard drives, which we had to make sure that they’re dead. Therefore we started drilling trough them. The bad thing is that we did not have a more hi resolution camera to get a better video.

Overall we did have some fun and it was an out of the ordinary activity, not the day that you stare at two or more screens for the entire day. We had to do some physical labour to reorgainse the closets and throw away the stuff that was obsolete. Anyway here is the video of data destruction / hard drive drilling.

Here is the link to the youtube videos because for some reason WordPress or YouTube code don’t mix well and I’ve had it with fixing other people’s shit.


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RAMSESz 13 August 4, 2008 at 12:46 pm

wazzzzzup dude ? :p

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