Extracting Setup files – addition to MSi files extraction

by on March 21, 2009

Well so far the best way I found is to use special Setup unpackers that are created specifically for the type of the setup files. Since I started playing around with this I saw that many of the setup file are created with Inno Setup. For these types of files there is a little command line unpacker that simply extracts all the files and it places them on separate folders. In addition the “innunp02” also gives the script file that is responsible for all the settings and the registry settings that are required for the file.

This is useful if some applications do not deploy all the settings and one can alter the setup file so it will deploy all the settings automatically. In addition there are some applications that require a key, and it becomes annoying after some time to deploy the key constantly, then we can integrate the key, and recompile setup.

To recompile the setup file again we need Inno Setup, which is a free application. Just alter whatever you need and then recompile the setup file again. This is useful also if one is a field technician. Instead of installing several application on the client’s computer just make a CD with the unpacked applications to run them strictly from the CD.

Remember this works only for the Inno Setup files, for setup files created with other applications you would need other unpackers and other tools. I will add some good links to other sources of info to help you all with the setup file decompilation, or extraction.

Here is one good link:


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