Games I would Like to play.

by on May 27, 2009

Hey you all game addicts out there, if you have 60 seconds for waste just place a comment with games you would like to be out right now so you could play them. There are no rules to this questionnaire, you just ramble which games you would like to see even if they don’t exist.

I for example, I would like to play first GUN 2 from Neversoft, Diablo 3, and Dead Rising 2. The bad part is that on GUN 2 there are no news, there is only one poster with “GUN 2” in another game from Neversoft. A quick search “on the defacto search engine” gives a few speculative results but nothing concrete. Maybe all the Gun2 fans should come together and post a website only for GUN 2. Perhaps this would be the only feedback that will determine the producers to take action.

Everyone who has played Diablo knows that Diablo3 is still in developing and finishing stages. There are plenty of videos online with about the game play.

Dead Rising 2 has its own website developed by fans, I think, therefore if all the fans of GUN should come together and put a site online for GUN 2, maybe we’ll get some results.

Therefore all you maniacs out there that read this, express your wishes. You do know by now that someone is always listening.

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