Gun the game from NeverSoft

by on May 6, 2008

Over the weekend I have returned to an old game, GUN. I received this game as a gift from my cousin last year and I did enjoy it more than most games I have ever played. If it was after me this is the game that I would want to play as an MMORPG. I returned to this game to get the last four achievements.

I was going for the professional prospector achievement and I had to look around a lot for that leftover gold. So I mounted the horse and started galloping. Once I got the hang of the map I just started roaming it and I realized that this was one of the reasons that I really liked the game that much. The ability to roam the land back and forth faded away that feeling of constraint that I usually get when playing any kind of game. What I mean is that usually in most games you have only one way to get to a destination or from A to B. In this game you have multiple paths that you can use to go for example between Dodge City and Empire City. Of course that this comes after you repel the Indians and the bridge is finished so you can get out of Dodge. This alone made the game much more appealing than most others I’ve played. Then the openness of the terrain added to that lack of constraint.

Another was the landscape. I liked the landscape because it had all forms of relief and I could travel them. Another aspect of the game that I liked was that it was bright. Yes bright, there were no gruesome monsters no dark corners and no scaring the player shitless.

The western background sound with the openness and the bright sky gave me a feeling of serenity despite the fact this game is a western and you have to kill people.

Another important part of the game were the side missions which further strengthened the feeling of being unconstrained by the game because you had the choice to do something else than the main mission of the game. The side missions allow your stats to get higher and you also make money with which you can buy upgrades to your guns. There was also the random bandit attack that you encounter when traveling in between settlements. Or if you were really bored you could start a town brawl. Other nice feature was the poker game that you could get into and make some money.

The voice over acting was perfect, I really suspended my disbelief and just got swept into the game.

The details of graphics weren’t great but all other things compensated and I did not even notice the graphics, or lack of.

My favorite part of the game play was the human shield and the slow motion shooting. You could grab someone from behind and hold him in front of you and you could shoot enemies.In the slow motion everyone slows down and you tap left or right and your character auto aims on the enemies that move slow.

I really hope that they will come up with a second GUN but with a lot more side missions and more options like subdue the enemy or kill him, or just drag it with your horse taking him to jail kicking him and so many more others.

I am just hoping for a second one, or an MMORPG GUN.

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John May 19, 2008 at 1:02 pm

You suck. Harry Potter is way cooler than you.

MURAD May 8, 2011 at 11:04 am

I ask this play and place this play to (the) site. I want to play. Send answer to my sloping.

MURAD May 8, 2011 at 11:12 am

I want my wish and I will fulfill my wish. Play that/where I wanted is GUN 2 Magruder’s Ghost plays.

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