Harry Potter

by on May 19, 2008

We were talking about movies in the office and we drifted to Harry Potter. I think this is a good movie but the main character has no set of skills it seems that he is not fully developed. I haven’t read the books and I don’t care for, but the series up to five suck because this kid has no skill set. You have this wizard who is supposedly the greatest wizard of all time but throughout the entire series he is using only two three spells. And those he only uses once or twice per movie. On top of that the spells he uses are the lamest in the set with the exception of that dementors deterrent.

I mean this guy is going to a wizard school for the past what, 6 years and the only things he learned is three spells? Give me a break. The main character has no action, he just runs around with his “wee wee” wand.

I did like the world and all the ins and outs of the movie but the main hero’s action was nothing. In all other movies you have a final showdown where you see main hero display his abilities. Mr Potter for the past five movies he learns how to hold the wand. When I was in high school I knew more than 3 formulas. I am not talking about anything else just the main character’s story. Very Poor.

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M@nny May 21, 2008 at 7:50 am

“WEE WEE Wand” nice. LMAO

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