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by on March 4, 2008

I know that some of us are in a bad financial situation and we will accept almost anything for work. It is understandable that we are willing to work just to gain some experience but it is outrageous when these recruiters treat us as slaves or worse.

Today I have received a job offer that is outrageous. If I would be a recruiter I would be ashamed to actually send that job to anyone, but I guess sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Normally a job that requires a car and driving usually the employer reimburses the technician for the miles they travel.

The offer that I received today it did not. In addition the position required you to bring you own tools to fix the computers (this being a computer break fix technician position). So before you get paid you have to spend money on the wrist wrap and some other screw drivers and who knows what else.

One would think that this seems acceptable if the pay is good, but the pay is $27.00 per ticket within 50 miles and $35 .00 a ticket from 51-75 miles. Remember your own money for gas. They said that there can be 4-8 tickets a day.

Definitely the car has to be yours so the wear and tear of the car is not accounted for. In addition your skill levels have to be exceptional. I mean the qualifications that they require could get into into a position in desktop support of 40k and above yearly. To get a better idea here is a bullet point: A+ certification, Associate’s Degree in Electronics, formal PC hardware service courses, or similar military related training can replace a year of hands on experience. The experience they require is of minimum two years.

I could not believe as I was reading this offer, probably on the interview they will ask for your skin too and wipe the client’s ass while you’re at it.

Don’t think that you can walk in there in blue jeans and sneakers because that is a no no. These people really annoy me with this stuck up bullshitness. Every little shitty position nowadays require a fucking college degree, attire and years of experience but the god damn pay is ridiculously small. For example a paper pusher (social worker) require a college degree. These people that make these requirements behave like morons. Don’t they realize that we weren’t born yesterday and today we’re coming for a job. We some some life experience, some good years of school and common sense should be enough for a paper pusher position.

By the way my reply was; Are you kidding me?

Below is the actual job offer.

Position Overview:

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Provides quality customer service and support for designated equipment.

· Escalates problems to appropriate next level of support when necessary.

· Monitors assigned service calls to ensure timely completion.

· Ensures all time reporting, expense reporting, and other required reports are accurate and submitted on time.

· Completes all administrative duties correctly and promptly

· Meets or exceeds various service levels as established by assignment (calls per day, ETA’s, on-time response, administrative call closure, customer satisfaction.)

· Responsible for ensuring on-going maintenance and development of positive customer relationships with all business partners and customers.

· Ensures that quality and service level goals are achieved in a timely manner.


· At least 2/3 years hands on experience working on hardware repairs and/or upgrades on pc’s, laptops and printers.

· A+ certification, Associate’s Degree in Electronics, formal PC hardware service courses, or similar military related training can replace a year of hands on experience.

· Must be comfortable swapping out motherboards (Desktop experience necessary, laptop experience desired)

· Must have experience diagnosing/troubleshooting hardware issues on pc, laptops, and printers.

· Proficiency in desktop support of Clients’ individual PCs. Minimum operating system knowledge includes: Microsoft Windows 9x, 2000 and XP

· Basic understanding of TCP/IP networking, hubs and switches

· Support of computer networks, as directed by a Level II or III Engineer/Technician

· A+ certification is preferred

· Dell Certification is a plus ( If you do not have one we will pay for you to get dell certified)

· Must enjoy driving, you will be driving from location to location

· Must have your own tools for repairing computers that include anti-static protection and DC volt-meter

· Must have your own reliable transportation and valid driver’s license

· Ability to locate addresses in your immediate area

· Must dress business casual for the position. No jeans or tennis shoes.

· Must be well organized

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