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by on March 5, 2008

Last night after pretending to be studying for about two hours I needed to use some applications that I am familiar with. I was trying to be fast about what was I doing and not to learn new systems. Therefore I needed to use some Windows native applications.

I already knew about Wine and I did the “sudo apt-get install wine”
after typing just wine. Of course I was prompted that something was locked and I was… what???? Scratching my head. But a spark was produced somehow and told me try closing Synaptic packet manager, and it worked. I was for one second proud of myself for figuring that out, and when I got over it I resumed to my initial plan.

I got wine working, sort of, because I did not do it at all, the credit goes to all the smart dudes that made it so easy for me to install it. So after that I downloaded the Windows tools that I was familiar with and started doing what I needed to have done.

While I was doing that I started thinking (I do that too sometimes) … Ubuntu comes free but you get another OS for free which normally is a lot of money. So basically you get two for the price of nothing.

Thank you Ubuntu!

PS: I hope the professor will not pretend too, to pass me.

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