Preferential censorship?

by on November 18, 2008

I saw a commercial on TV that was intended to raise money for cancer, and there were showing children that either had cancer, or they were waring good makeup. Anyway, by their facial expressions they looked like they were on chemo. Since we are so protective of children, why would we show children dying of cancer to other children? Why isn’t  this type of commercial blocked? Some sexual content and games aren’t allowed to children of certain ages because, supposedly are going to what turn them into murderers, sex offenders and rapists. Isn’t that stupid? Because this way we just turn them into neurotic and panicky. They can easily assume that they can get cancer, right? I mean how would any of you feel if your child all of a sudden will start asking “Mom/Dad what if get cancer?”, how would all you answer? Would you still be OK with that type of commercial on TV? What if some of these children become more inquisitive and they can’t get over that idea?

Another thing that bothers me are those banner ads in NYC that seem to have filled the city. These are some banner ads of skinless people, and anyone can see the tendons and fat and the muscles, I think they are ads for some TV Show on History Channel. I personally can’t stand that. I might have an issue. But I think that type of banner ad is even worst than that of a man or woman advertising lingerie. So all you child protectors should be more weary about these things.

As a conclusion I think all this child drama is just major BS of frustrated parents.

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