Real player. You know, as in the Real Player became Real

by on December 16, 2009

So last night I needed to create an audio CD from some Youtube videos. The first idea was to use a sound recorder tool while playing the video. Then I said to my self maybe I should just convert the files online and then download them after they are converted from flv to mp3. It was easy to convert some of the files, but some of them I had to wait for a long time. Then I realized that the files that worked easy have been already requested by other and they are cached. It would make sense why the other ones did not work. I also concluded that the services might be overcrowded so it’s not easy to convert flv to mp3.

I actually had a few downloaded FLVs from YouTube and I wanted to open them in and a FLV player that was laying around on my computer. When I found the FLV files on my USB key they all had the Real One player icon attached. Then I realized that if that is so, then Real One Player can play the files and it did. But I also knew that it can burn CDs, then I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if it could just convert and burn the FLVs on an audio CD? Tried it, and it worked. I don’t even know why I had Real Player installed, but I do know that I only needed it once. Now I know that real player can burn audio CDs from FLVs, real nifty tool to have there.

To get the FLVs from YouTube just get them from the Temporary Internet Files folder under Internet Explorer, after you have viewed them. To get there go to Tools –> then Internet Options and in the new dialog box should be in the middle the Temporary Internet Files. Arrange the files by size because they would be among the largest size.

Now I see a better use of Real Player which until last night had no “Real” use to me. Funny right? Real! 🙂

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