Resident Evil 5

by on August 3, 2009

I just got my hands on a copy of resident Evil 5 for Xbox 720 (haaa got you) and I was very disappointed from the get go. At first I thought that I did not give enough attention and interest to the game but I just could not get to enjoy it.

I have heard from my gaming buddies that it was terrible but now I experienced it first hand and it made me agree with them. The issue here not that the actual game sucks but how is it possible to be so different from Resident Evil 4? Is it our perception, is the game so bad compared with RE4 or we just got bored with the style. I only played RE4 and the first chapter was terrible for me. But then when I got the hang of it I really enjoyed it.  Then what is the difference between the two? I am here to ask all of you because I know what my displeasures were.

First, it felt claustrophobic because you could at move almost at all. I can’t even describe it because the way one controls his character it is ass backwards. I did play RE4 before COD4 or other FPS but I readily enjoyed the moving ability in all the FPS except on RE series. It was ridiculous the way the movement was developed.

I don’t understand why I liked the RE4 and I don’t like RE5, perhaps because that was my first series of RE. Anyway the controls and movement were similar in both RE that I played and it is mind bugling that I don’t like it now. Is it the fact that I lost my patience or is it just a horrible design?

I understand that this is how RE started with shitty ass movement, but things evolve. Why did they have to be so conservative and just keep it so real? Why didn’t they implement the jumping and moving while aiming is beyond me. How hard would have that been? I guess I am hoping that someone from the game design will come and answer me on my blog… Dream on… Capcom open your eyes and years, here it comes for free, no market research no paid game testing. We don’t like to feel claustrophobic in a game. And we don’t like being frustrated either. At least me.

The fighting was terrible. First of all I don’t know if it is possible to change the color of the laser but I can’t actually see the fucking thing because it is red on a mostly yellow background, and I am protanope (Color blindness, or Color blindness, a color vision deficiency, is the inability to perceive differences between some of the colors that others …) One would expect that they would research this matter, since this is visual entertainment. The melle fighting where you have to actually hold the  knife and slice like an idiot and you cannot even turn side to side is just too insulting. In addition you have a character that has to get a queue button in order to jump from one ledge to another.  The running is just to tiring, my left thumb was hurting from trying to press that thumb stick to be able to run. I know there is another command for it but it is just too stupid. That is why these controllers have analog sticks so you give the character more speed the more you move the stick.Besides the fact that the player feels like a prisoner the game is actually tiring on one’s hands. Unbelivable.

Now a few days later when I upgraded in rank and upgraded the weapons I find the game more enjoyable. It doesn’t suck that bad. But in all above aspects it still does. In addition, the inventory is too small for all the shit that one needs with him. Playing cooperatively also sucks because one cannot exchange weapons with his partner, at least I tryied and it did not work. I guess they did not think about that stuff. Capcom just did not have it this time. In rest the game has the graphics, and the cut scenes, sometimes a bit too long  and too many. I started enjoying it a bit the second or day of playing. As a last thing I just want to say that they did add some speed to the zombies but none to the characters so it seems a bit unfair.

The best part of the game is the slaughter, and the fun part is that the zombies don’t reappear like in Dead Rising. That was the most disappointing thing because it gives a feeling of wiping out all the work you did killing all of them. Perhaps they will implement a better algorithm on that.

I guess that a second day of playing answered my own puzzle why I liked RE4 and not 5. Well, I din’t like any of them at the begining. So I guess is still an ok game, but it should have been improved on the movement and aiming.  Also so far I did not find any treasures that can be combined, I hope they didn’t elimate that feature.

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