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I have rented Turok for couple of days to give it a shot. Since my difficult experience with Devil May Cry 4 I started the game on easy, and I will probably will start all the games on easy. The quality of the graphics is not great and what I mean is that the models of the characters don’t look too detailed. But to be honest I do not care as long as the game play satisfies me.

So I started playing the game. I picked up a knife at first, what the hell am I going to do with a measly knife in a jungle full of dinosaurs??? I did not had to kill dinosaurs with my knife yet, the first kill was a soldier. Normally the game is a FPS (first person shooter) but when you use the knife the camera moves from first person view to third person view, so you see your character going behind the enemy soldier kicks him in the back of his leg to kneel him and then stabs him in the chest or throat (I am not sure). So far so good. I did try to kill also a dinosaur with the knife and I managed to do it. Your character grabs the dinosaur by the head and then stabs him in the neck couple of times. The camera changes views also. It seems easier to kill the dinosaur with the knife, than with the machine gun because it a one shot kill with the knife. But i think it has to be at the right time.

The knife usage is poorly designed. I think when those guys designed COD4 the melee attack was a stroke of genius because you just press a key and you melee attack. In Turok you actually have to switch to knife to use it. One of my favorite games played on 360 is Gun, that game too has one key melee attack and is older than COD4. I am not sure who came first with the design but anyone else that wants to stay in the competition they should use that type of melee or a better solution.

I have found it very difficult to fight. The aiming is very sensitive and if you over push the thumb stick you will miss your target. I tried playing with the sensitivity but I could not figure out how to make it less sensitive. I did not care that much either to do it because I decided to use a mouse keyboard. Even with that was somewhat harder but is not that bad because I never fine tuned my XFPS 360 (the mouse keyboard converter) for the game, but it did allow me to improve my killing. What seemed difficult was the way the dinosaurs moved, they seemed really fast, perhaps that is done so to maintain the element of surprise at a high level.

What I did like a lot is the forest. The landscape of the forest is really good. I was fighting some enemy soldiers and I was climbing some huge tree branches. I found that area very nice for battles. I was even thinking if somehow it can be imported into COD4 to be played online. That would be really nice death match map. The cool part about that jungle landscape is the high grass in which you can blend in and snipe or shoot with a silencer. So the landscape was good and the physics of it. The high bushes of grass posed some difficulty in killing some smaller dinosaurs that were attacking me and the grass was moving as they would, pretty cool. That idea I did like. After that I have found a bow and the game shows you a little movie of your character’s training where he uses a bow. The bow is really good, It is basically a different approach to stealth killing.

The story of the game seems good, you and your team are traveling to this planet looking for a deserter or a traitor of some kind. I think that is the same guy that trained your character. Somehow this guy turned bad after one mission. But your ship is shot down when it tries to land. It seems to me that this guy (the hunted) is pretty organized. It has helicopters, soldiers and big bases, I mean if he would be just a deserter like (Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now) there would be no access to that large quantity of people and equipment. This planet is also under Terraforming process that’s why the the dinosaurs. Also since this planet has the bases, it usually means that there is a larger conspiracy than just the simple mission that seems at the beginning of the story. Otherwise the game would end in the next half hour.

Shortly after start you get a companion that seems to have a grudge with you because apparently you had something to do with a mission in which is brother participated and died. This guy helps you but I am not sure if he will die because I did not get too far in the game, but I did reach the first base and fought some soldiers there. Usually all companions die trough the game and eventually you have to fight alone, at least that is my experience.

Overall it seems a good game. But I did not find it amazing, yet. I will return to it in some time and then give a more experienced opinion.

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