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by on March 1, 2008

I just installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my BigBox. This is not the first time I had Ubuntu on my computer. As the matter of fact I have a laptop which is my server and has Ubuntu on it. I only restarted that laptop a few of times the entire last year and it was because I am also using it as a desktop whenever I need to. I use it as a server to share the internet to my Xbox 360 and my BigBox.

I did have Ubuntu on my BigBox but I could never configure the apple 30″ Apple HD Cinema Display to it to work with all resolutions. Therefore the images were not appealing on this thing. Last night I after baking this idea in my head for some time I just installed Ubuntu (I did save all my precious information on other hard drives some time before). After restarting it, I started playing with the repositories and other settings.

I had some trouble with the flash plugins because I could not see my blog correctly. I mean if it was anything else but not my baby Gameaddict. Others that installed Ubuntu and have the same combination of plugins as I did will not see my embedded videos in the previous post correctly.

But before I even worried about the flash plugins I wanted to see the wobble effect. So I right clicked on my background image like in Windows and I selected change Desktop background from the pop up menu, then I went to the Desktop Effects tab and selected the extra feature. Ubuntu automatically found my graphic card’s driver (Nvidia 8800) and prompted me to accept installation because it was not supported directly by Ubuntu. (I did select all the available repositories before that is why it got the driver).

After I restarted the computer I was pleasantly surprised because my screen was at the maximum resolution. I was very happy. I have tried to get this behemoth screen working for such a long time before this instance, but I never succeeded. Before I went differently about it. I was trying to use the “xorg” configuration and other stuff.

It also possible that at the time there was no good driver for my card and I had the version 7.4 of Ubuntu. I did try to get the driver from Nvidia but that one requires you to do so many other things is outrageous. First it asks you to be in text mode, then after that it asks you to be root, I did stop there because there is no root in Ubuntu so I gave up only to return later but this time it was a breeze. Actually it was a fluke, not some intensive research and compilations of weird scripts and drivers. It did it on its own and I am really glad :).

Now I just stare at this “acre of accurate vision”. This “acre of vision” is not my line I have seen it on one of the reviews I was reading about this screen.

Today, after adding all available software in the add remove feature and after removing all the flash plugins I have added last night I successfully installed flash player automatically from Firefox and I could get to see my baby Gameaddict.eu.

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