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by on March 20, 2008

For some time now I have seen the new 2.3.3 version of WordPress available. I kept on postponing it because I did not stick with the simple settings and I move some of my files around. Therefore I had to do longer upgrading process.

Today I did it and I kind of used a mixed method posted on the WordPress site in combination with my work-flow. To make sure that I had everything backed up I just backed up the entire root folder in one archive. I did that using the file management tools provided by my hosting.

Then I started reading the tutorial about upgrading WordPress to the new version. The way they went about it seemed to me like more work. So instead of deleting only certain files and keeping others I just got the new version of WordPress and whatever was meant to be kept I downloaded from my hosting site into my computer and placed it into the necessary location on the local WordPress folder. Then I compressed the folder and upload it back to my hosting site. There I deleted my entire WordPress folder and uncompressed the archive with the newer version that took its place. I did not even had to deactivate my plugins.

They tell you to NOT delete

  • wp-config.php file;
  • wp-content folder;
  • wp-images folder;
  • wp-includes/languages/ folder–if you are using a language file, do not delete this folder;.
  • .htaccess file–if you have added custom rules to your .htaccess, do not delete it;

Custom Content and/or Plugins–if you have any images or other custom content or Plugins inside the wp-content folder, do NOT delete them.
Then you just copy these files and folders into the new WordPress folder on you machine and then archive it upload it and then delete the existing folder of WordPress and replace it from the archive.

I archived it because usually the connection breaks if I upload many files in one session, therefore you won’t know which file did or not go trough.

Basically I reinvented the wheel.

I will cry later if somehow of an error slipped in, the site is working now.

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