Windows Update and Internet Explorer 8

by on June 26, 2009

Lately I have been deploying a lot of PCs at work. Before deployment every PC has to be updated. So of course among the important updates we also find internet Explorer 8. Every time I have to disable that update from installing. And I am doing that for good reasons. When Microsoft decided to climb from IE6 to 7 many installed it and they all got burned because it was full of bugs. Now I don’t know who and how MS decided to Put IE8 as an important update. But what I would really like to do, is to meet the man or the team responsible for that “brilliant” idea.

Sometimes I am trying to think the way he reached the conclusion to actually add IE8 to the important update section. There is multiple versions running in my head, and I will share them with the few that might stumble upon this.
One is the like this: Since IE7 was such a shitty browser the enlightened at Microsoft had a meeting, because, let’s assume IE was losing ground to other browsers and that would be unacceptable because this could lead to an eventual crash of MS itself, BOHOHOHooowaaaahh (this trying to be a ghostly scary sound). HOW? Well it’s complicated but let’s fable that Mozilla or some other company that already has a kick ass browser out there comes up with an OS that is going to revolutionize the OS world. Let’s take it to another level and say that it will be like the hero that saves the nation from the oppressing oligarchy… LOL. Then because IE7, everyone will say enough of this shit, we want the hero OS with their kick ass browser that never has problems. And there it is the beginning of the MS’s doom. If you look MS is actually giving freely windows 7 to people that purchased windows Vista. IE8 come to save their ass from IE7 blunder. To me this looks like a big cover up, or mass memory erasure. Because is recently after Win Vista, and it reminds of the Windows 98 and 98 second edition. That is the problem with these people, they are unreliable from one version to another. And that is not that appealing. I remember in the good old days when shit worked flawlessly and companies stuck with their reputation. Yea the good old days. Bs I ‘m just messin, I don’t know shit about the good old days I’m not that old.

Another idea is that the managers of windows update and whoever else, gathered and brainstormed. And as a practical joke they said how can we mess with the users? And some guy said: I know we can put IE8 as an important update. My assumption is that IE8 has to be buggy as hell too. Wasn’t IE7? What can we expect with IE8? So they said, brilliant, just brilliant and that is how IE8 became an Important Update and I have to disable that poop every time when I update a new computer.

Now my question to the people at Windows Update is: WTF were you thinking? I am sick and tired of people making decisions for other people and ME. Putting IE8 as an important automatic update is a matter of preference not a matter of security. If they really care about our safety, and not their pockets, they should’ve created a patch with the security features, not a whole new god damn edition of Internet Explorer.

There should be a universal or federal LAW out there that strictly regulates when the version change is allowed. Something like when more than 50% of the features on original software have changed then it is allowed for a version change from 6.1 to 6.2 or something like that. A major version revision from IE6 to IE7 should NOT just be, because it has added tabbed browsing capabilities 5 years later after everybody else, and they still didn’t get it right. IE7 was horrible. The major revision should be after a 90% – 100% change of the original product. And now they add the IE8 to Important Updates, OH HELL NO.

By the way, I am still using IE6 and it is still alive is kicking.

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bodydetox July 30, 2009 at 8:40 am

Internet Explorer 8 is more stable than IE 7 that is why i like it. I always experience freezing browser window in IE 7.

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