XBOX 360 vs PS3

by on June 17, 2009

I have been dragged in this by my colleagues who have PS3s. They kneeled by them and they pledged their undying love and allegiance from the first day they acquired them. Over time I found the excuse in the blue ray player to buy myself one too. Since then I had countless discussions about which of the two systems is better.

I am going to list a series of problems with the systems so everyone will be in the know.


The PS3: Wireless capabilities out of the box, blue ray player, faster CPU, and HDMI. I don’t want to hear comments that some Xboxes come with HDMI now, mine doesn’t have one.
The XBOX loses the hardware aspect compared with PS3 especially that ALL Xboxes get the ring of fire and they have to be shipped for repairs.

The controllers are for both OK. I tend to like better the Xbox controller because is larger and feels more comfortable in my hands.


The PS3: The ability to install a Linux based OS like Yellow dog Linux, or Ubuntu gives the PS3 a big plus, especially that you can use Linux to rip Blue-Ray DVDs. PS3 also has the Home game, a social type a game that players can meet and chat online, which diversifies the software capabilities out of the box for PS3. Also the PS3 network added that world news and weather feature. The protein folding is good but it should be made so that the ps3 launches it as a screensaver when idle, and it should be able to run in the background when we are watching a movie, but is not. Because I am not willing to let my PS3 running, which is a power hungry monster, just for Folding@home.

The XBOX: On the software side the XBOX OS is much finer tuned than the PS3. The transitions from the OS to the game is done smooth and without sound glitches or screen flickers. The fade in and out from game to OS and vice versa are perfect. The glitches are noticeable on the PS3 for people that use the HDMI feature. The XBOX allows for background downloads whereas the PS3 doesn’t and it is annoying to wait there for fifteen minutes until a random game download finishes.


From the online game mode the XBOX live is superior to PS3 network because of quality. In the first place the headset dialogues are much clearer on Xbox live. On PS3 the dialog is constantly breaking up. The draw back on XBOX live would be the fee, but really analyzing this feature I really wish that PS3 would have a monthly fee if their network quality would become superior. In addition the Netflix feature with Xbox live really kicks ass with the exception that Netflix has mostly shitty movies on instant watch. Maybe we will see a Blockbuster and Sony coalition.

Another thing that the PS3 seems to have better than the XBOX is the new type of controller similar to the wii-mote. I know that the XBOX project Natal looks good but I doubt that it really works. And I really hated the British commentator the way he was glorifying that little virtual boy like it was the “Never Ending Story”, fuck that. In addition the demo videos they had with the games where the whole family is part of one game, seems like a lot of BS. Because I am not willing to wait there until my friend enters the pit stops so I can change the tires. That’s silly.

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Topo Jijo December 22, 2010 at 9:42 pm

You obviously were born yesterday. Xbox sucks nuts all around. The red ring of death for every console made should be enough to tell ya that Microsoft are a bunch of crooks. PS3 network is a little glitchy, I admit, but the online game play is much smoother, and there is A LOT less favortism on PS3. Block Ops is the worst for xbox favoring the crappy team so that people will actually continue to play. Let people play to their skill and rank and the more important subscriers will stay. If not, the worth while gaming consumers will quit like I am going to. Xbox is BULLSHIT.

admin December 23, 2010 at 12:01 pm

In your perception the Red ring of fire is a bad thing but in the long run it extended the Xbox Warranty to three years, however if your PS3 gets the similar situation you’re out of luck! The fact the MS fixes it for free and returns it to you is their way of owning up to the problem. As for the fact that the Black Ops is not working well, or favoring the crappy team, I don’t think that is an XBOX live issue. That is game engine issue and perhaps a design issue. I quit the Call of Duty Drama because it has begun to be to crowded with too much information and randomness. There is no strategy anymore, is chaotic. I did play black ops a bit, but it did not add anything new to the COD telenovela. It was just a twist of the old. Activision / Infinity Ward are just milking a dying cow now. I sold my XBOX and I kept My PS3 for the Blue Ray Player. So I am free of games. The only game I am waiting for is Uncharted 3 and Gun 2. I still feel that XBOX live is a better service and the Xbox has a better OS, and better controller.

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